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More than just professional.

What are profiles? And why would I ever need them?

Profiles are the one thing that all sneaker, retail, and other e-commerce software have in common. Profiles are your shipping, billing, and credit card information. Those programmes will take that information from your profiles.

Profile Converter

Import & export from any bots, at any time.

Okay... but can't I just create one profile from my bot?

You certainly can. However, there are numerous benefits to using Swish profiles. First and foremost, you can JIG your accounts. Jigging profiles is a popular term that refers to gently changing your profiles so that they appear different on the retailer's end. This allows you to buy numerous pairs of shoes without having to cancel them, and certain companies, like as Nike, require you to maintain profiles or they will flag you. On the other hand, being able to manage all of your profiles from a single location is perfect for saving time. Profiles allows you to import profiles from any bot, alter them, and export them to any bot of your choice.

Profile Jigging

Worked through expressions, the possibilities are endless.

Your profile's residence. Knowing profiles may be that simple provides genuine peace of mind.

Card Groups

Card groups are useful for organising your cards. It actually helps save time.


Accelerate your profile creation procedure. Making profiles has never been easier, from saving your Cards to an easy-to-use UI. 


With Jig's amazing capabilities, you can mass construct the profiles you've always imagined. Allowing you to swiftly adjust to merchants' new Jig criteria.

Start saving time by using Swish profiles. It's simply more than just professional. 


More than just professional.

Available in Swish 2.0


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