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What are profiles? Creating multiple profiles with different shipping and billing information commonly known as jigging your profiles allows  you to go undetected while botting live drops.

Expressions, Card Groups,  Jigs, Export & Imports. We have though about everything that you need to create your profiles.  

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Simple, Optimized, Powerful.

We all know that this industry has multiple bots! Exporting will "convert" your profiles from the Swish Tools format to the Format of the bot you want to use the profiles with.

All bots have different profile formats, meaning that we need to play around with the data so when you try importing your profiles into your bots it is compatible!

Simple Jigs


Simple, Optimized, Powerful.

While creating your profiles, you can use our expressions engine that is sitting next to the create profiles forms. At anytime you can input these expressions into the fields to generate random data.

This feature will get you one more step closer to not get detected by merchants!

Bulk Card & VCC


Simple, Optimized, Powerful.

Swish Tools introduces a first in this community with Card Groups. Instead of always re-inputting all of your card information while creating profiles, you can simply put them here and use them while creating profiles in the future. 

You can also import via VCC format from providers!

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The Best SNKRS Module
To Date.

The SNKRS Module Allows You To Enter Multiple Accounts Into SNKRS Live Draws. This Is One Of The Most Powerful Modules. 




We Have Them ALL.

Generators Is What You Know Us For. Through Powerful Features, Our Modules Are Incomparable. Stop Wasting Your Time.


Swish Tools



Swish Tools is a multiplatform software created to facilitate everyday automation. We are here to teach you and provide you the in's and out's of the industry.

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Manage, List, Make Money.

Stay Organized. Know How Much Money You Made & How Much You Spent List & Edit Your StockX & GOAT Listings Through One Platform. 

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Yes, It's free.

Our 1.0 Version Will Be Releasing For FREE To All Users With A Few Of It's Modules. You Have Nothing To Lose, Get Yourself Some Free Utility.

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We Have Them ALL.


Profiles Available

Exclusively on 2.0

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