New updates and improvements to Swish Tools

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2.01 - June 28th, 2022

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Profiles] - Profile Import Bug Fix. 

[Profiles] - Editing Card Bug Fix.

[Google] - Google Forwarding Credential Option Not Showing Up Fix.

[General] - App Not Opening Bug Fix.

[General] - Tasks Not Running Correctly Bug Fix.

[General] - Added 125% Application Size.

[Outlook] - Added Alias To The Account Generator

[General] - Added Localhost As A Proxy Option.

[General] - Fixed Discord Rich Presence.

2.00 - June 25th, 2022

What's New?

A lot. That what's new. 

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

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1.17 - May 7, 2022

What's New?

The update v1.17 presents brand new modules to Swish Tools! We started by adding a request Shopify Account Generator allowing you to create accounts for any Shopify hosted websites. We continued by adding Request SSENSE account generation. As always we took care of a few bugs with current modules. That's it for now, see you soon! 

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Amazon] - Account Filler Using Shipping For Billing Bug Fix.

[Google] - Login Optimization.

[Nike] - Account Warmer Optimization.

[Nike] - Account Filler Optimization.

[Shopify] - Added Request Account Generator.

[SSENSE] - Added Request Account Generator.

[Twitter] - Account Generator Bug Fix.

[General] - Overall Optimization & Few Bug Fixes.

[General] - Fixed Frontend Conflicts.

1.16 - April 30, 2022

What's New?

Version 1.16 is finally showcasing the Tik Tok Modules! You can now Generate, Follow Accounts & Liker Posts with our 3 new Tik Tok Modules! We also brought back our famous micro modules with a brand new structure. We also added a Newegg Account Generator to our Generators roaster. As always we took care of bug & optimization to some of the current modules! That's it for now, see you on the next update. 

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Best Buy] - Account Generator Bug Fix.

[Google] - Account Score Checker Bug Fix.

[Microbuy] - Microbuy Account Generator Restructuration.

[Microzon] - Microzon Account Generator Restructuration.

[New Egg] - New Account Generator.

[Nike] - Account Resetter Bug Fix.

[Tik Tok] - New Account Generator.

[Tik Tok] - New Account Follower.

[Tik Tok] - New Post Liker.

[Walmart] - Account Filler Bug Fix.

[General] - Overall Optimization & few bug fixes.

1.15 - April 22, 2022

What's New?

The update 1.15 features multiple new additions as well as multiple bug fixes. We added a new SMS provider called Text Verified! For those who where having issues topping up with crypto, they support credit cards, so that should help out! Other than that, we fixed a ton of bugs that faced the water during the last 2 weeks!

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Amazon] - Account Warmer Prime Bug Fix.

[Amazon] - Account Filler Stuck After Adding Billing Bug Fix.

[Amazon] - Account Generator Browser Mode Captcha Bug Fix.

[Best Buy] - Account Generator Email Verification Bug Fix.

[Courir] - Account Generator Bug Fix.

[Google] - Account Forwarding Optimization.

[Google] - Account Login Recovery Email Optimization. 

[PlayStation] - Discord Webhook Bug Fix.

[Twitter] - Account Generator Optimization Around Sign Up Page.

[Walmart] - Account Cleaner Stuck On Removing Cards Bug Fix.

[General] - Added Text Verified For Amazon, Google & Nike Account Generator.

1.14 - April 16, 2022

What's New?

The 1.14 update is full of diversion. We touched a lot of modules to make them better and more efficient. We also added a lot of features that member's have been asking lately such as Nike region for generation or even being able to use a email:password list to have fully custom credentials! We added a new SMS twitter generator. This update is full of fun surprises. 

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Amazon] - Request Generator CSV Log Bug Fix.

[Google] - Re-verification Module Bug Fix.

[Google] - Added Email List Feature For Forwarding.

[Google] - Account Generator Bug Fix.

[Nike] - Account Resetter Bug Fix.

[Nike] - Added Account Region For Generator.

[Twitter] - New Generator Mode With SMS Support.

[Twitter] - Account Login Optimization.

[Twitter] - Added Captcha Handling.

[General] - Added Email:Password Support For Email Lists.

1.13 - April 8, 2022

What's New?

The 1.13 update presents a lot of change. We completely re-worked the structure of how Swish Tools works on our end, which will allow us, to fix bugs & push new modules without having to push an update! This will come in handy for Raffles & the upcoming SNKRS module. We also added a new Outlook Generation Module which allows you to create Outlook Accounts for FREE! Other than that, we added a lot of optimization & bug fix in this update. 

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Instagram] - Account Generator Made Profile Picture & Biography Fully Random, More Human Like.

[Google] - Account Generation Fixed The Status Seen On The FrontEnd.

[Google] - Account Generator Lowered The Timeout If Users Don't Use A Recovery Email.

[Nike] - Semi-Manual Generator CSV Logs Bug Fix.

[Outlook] - Added Optimization For Cookie & Feedback Popup

[Outlook] - Added New Semi Outlook Account Generator module!

[Target] - Account Filler Bug Fix.

[Twitter] - Account Generator Made Profile Picture & Biography Fully Random, More Human Like.

[Twitter] - Account Generator Bug Fix.

[Twitter] - Account Login Bug Fix.

[General] - Added Optimization Around Rejecting Phone Numbers If They Fail.

[General] - Structural Refactoring Of The Whole Application.

1.12 - Mar 31, 2022

What's New?

One click, one click, one click... It's finally here! The 1.12 update features the brand new Google One Click Module. The module now farms your google account 24/7 without ever stopping. Along side, we added tons of solutions to recent issues with google such as re-verifying an account's phone number, submitting a request for a review to re-instate a google account and email recovery email page handling! At last, we did add one more module! Amazon now has a request based mode to make your generation 10x faster! 

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Amazon] - Added Request Based Account Generation Mode.

[Google] - Google Login added "You're signed in" page handeling.

[Google] - Google Login added "Protect your account" page handling.

[Google] - Google Login added "Verify it's you" recovery email page handling.

[Google] - Google Login added "Verify your identify" phone re-verification page handling.

[Google] - Google Login added "Your account has been disabled" request review page handling.

[Google] - General Optimization For The One Click Farmer,

[Google] - One Click Farmer Now Runs 24/7.

[Google] - One Click Farmer Can Skip Youtube ads.

[Google] - Added Captcha Score Checker Module

[Google] - Added Google Account Phone Re-verification Module

[Instagram] - Added Cookie Page Handling For All Modules.

[Nike] - Account Login Optimization.

1.11 - Mar 24, 2022

What's New?

The update 1.11 features brand new modules such as social media commenters. You can now run out commenter module for Instagram and Twitter to comment how ever many comments on how ever many posts that you wish! The past update featured our famous Microzon module, this update features it's brother the Microbuy module! The Microbuy module is a combination of Outlook & BestBuy Accounts together. We also fixed a lot of modules & bugs in this update! That's it for now, see you soon!

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Google] - Account Generation Minor Page Handling Optimization.

[Instagram] - Account Generation Bug Fix. 

[Instagram] - Added Post Commenter Module.

[Microbuy] - Added New Microbuy Module.

[Nike] - Account Warmer Minor Region Bug Fix.

[Nike] - Account Filler Minor Bug Fix.

[Outlook] - Account Generator Optimization Around The Cookie Pop-up For EU Regions.

[Outlook] - Account Generator Optimization Around The Feedback Pop-up.

[Twitter] - Added Optimization Around The Cookie Pop-up For EU Regions.

[Twitter] - Account Generator Minor Bug Fix.

[Twitter] - Added Post Commenter Module.

[General] - Added Email List Feature To All Account Generators.

[General] - Fixed Issue Where Browser Wouldn't Load Sometimes.

[General] - Added Localhost As A Proxy Option.

[General] - IP:PORT Proxies Minor Optimization.

1.10 - Mar 19, 2022

What's New?

The update 1.10 is a small one! None the less we still present to you our famous Microzon module. What is Microzon? It's a combination of Outlook & Amazon Accounts together. Yes, It will create an outlook account then proceed to create an amazon account with the same credentials as the outlook account! Complimentary, we pushed out PlayStation module as we know that it is in trend these days! We also pushed small bug fixes that were causing trouble in the update! 

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Amazon] - Account Resetter Minor Path Fix.

[Amazon] - Fixed Issue When Using Email List SMS Wouldn't Get Inputted.

[Google] - Fixed Minor Issue Where Module Didn't Start.

[Microzon] - Added New Microzon Module.

[Nike] - Fixed Account Filler Stop Task Bug.

[Outlook] - Fixed Minor Forwarding Setup Bug.

[PlayStation] - Added New PlayStation Module.

[General] - Fixed View CSV Button.

[General] - Fixed CSV Logs on MacOS Version.

[General] - Removed Line Breaks In CSV Format.

[General] - Fixed Issue Where IP:Port Proxies Didn't Start Tasks.

[General] - Added More Information In The User Webhook.

1.09 - Mar 16, 2022

What's New?

The update 1.09 presents new features as well as new modules. From Nike Account Shipping & Billing Filler to being able to start and stop tasks individually! We also took care of new Walmart changes & countless minor bugs to make the user experience better. As we are getting to the point where we are very stable and optimized, future update's will start featuring new modules, such as request modules or even raffle modules. 

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Nike] - Fixed Account Filler.

[Profiles] - Fixed Minor Profile Import Bug.

[Target] - Account Filler Optimization.

[Walmart] - Account Filler Optimization.

[Walmart] - Fixed Account Generator

[Walmart] - Account Filler Login Fix.

[General] - Added Single Start/Stop Tasks Feature.

[General] - Fixed Minor Task Logic Bugs.

[General] - SMS Numbers Will Now Retry To Catch A Number If It's Sold Out For All Module

[General] - Overall Optimization To Make The App Less Heavy.

[General] - Fixed CSV Logs While Using Email List Bug

1.08 - Mar 10, 2022

What's New?

The 1.08 update is featuring a lot of optimization for a lot of modules. From outlook forwarding to google email recovery, we took care of a lot of modules and made sure they are solid. We also added a new SMS Provider called 5sim as we know that these days there is more demand for Nike Accounts. Talking about Nike, we made it re-try to get a SMS phone number up to 75 times if there are none available! This will help not burn or flag your proxies and will make the whole generation process smoother.

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Amazon] - Account Generator Optimization.

[Best Buy] - Account Generator Optimization.

[Google] - Account Generator Optimization.

[Google] - Added Email Recovery Verification.

[Outlook] - Fixed The Email Forwarding Step To Make Sure Forwarding Is Setup.

[Nike] - Fixed Semi Manual Mode With Email List.

[Nike] - Retry To Get Number Feature.

[Nike] - Account Warmer Cookie Page Optimization.

[General] - Editing Generator Tasks Optimization.

[General] - Keys Listed For Rent On Whop Start Tasks Bug Fix.

[General] - Fixed Issue Where Half Of the Test Webhook Button Was Clickable.

[General] - Added The New SMS Provider Called 5Sim.

1.071 - Mar 6, 2022

What's New?

The 1.071 HOT-PATCH features our brand new Nike account warmer! This will come handy with all the upcoming Nike SNKRS drops.  

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Nike] - Account Warmer.

1.07 - Mar 3, 2022

What's New?

The update 1.07 features multiple new modules. Starting from the two new account resetters for Target and Walmart Accounts. To the new semi-manual Nike account generator mode, that allows you to create accounts in a more "human" way by inputting human actions during generation. We also implemented our brand new pop-up notifications to give the best feedback possible while using the application.

Fixes, Improvements & Additions

[Google] - Google Browsers Enterprise Fix. 

[Nike] - Account Resestter Fix.

[GameStop US] - GameStop US Module Fix.

[Twitter] - Generator Bug Fix

[Outlook] - General Optimization.

[Outlook] -  Fixed CSV Logs.

[Profiles] -  Added Swish Tools Export

[Profiles] -  Fixed Valor Export.

[Profiles] -   Fixed Black Screen issue with profile groups.

[Profiles] -    Fixed Vietnam States.

[General] -  Start Task Optimization (Faster).

[General] -  New Tasks Bug Fix.

[General] -  Empty Task Bug Fix.

[General] -  Optimized Editing Tasks.