Hands Free

Swish Tools is a multiplatform software created to facilitate
everyday automation for botters.

Driven by automation, ready for all ages.

  Simple and Effective 



 User Friendly 





Robust for the chiefs.

Novel and sophisticated features mapped out
to meet your standards.   

Real-time analytics tracking

Real time responsive feedback to keep your satisfaction.

Easy Settings

Everything is preset to make your experience easy.

Ranking system

Swish's ranking system to keep the community competitive and active.

In house solutions

We pride ourselves on creating every anti-bot solution, that's what makes us unique.

User friendly interface

Designed to be easy to use and to grant high amount of satisfaction.

Proven success

Our number one goal is to grant success to all users and help you get limited items.

Stay updated

Keep up with any update related to accounts & the latest news.

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