Let's face the Music
and Automation

Swish Tools is a multiplatform software
created to facilitate everyday
 automation for botters. 

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We Call It
The Digital Revolution

The generation of Us, the generation of the Internet

Advanced software, advanced research for advanced people

We Call It
Experiencing the new game

The Merge
Account Generation

Create accounts for all websites, at the lowest cost, at any time

Supported Websites







No wonder your accounts are so good

We Call It
Effortlessly Powerful

Feedback, We Know You Like It
A Snapshot Of Each Tasks

By a small sample, we may judge of the whole piece

We try our best, and we make sure we deliver the best

We Call That
The assurance of excellence

Revolutionary Profile Jigger Modules
We Call It Smart Jigs

Playing with house types, address types, directions & much more we allow you to create millions of quality profiles in minutes

Export your thousands of profiles to your favorite bots

We Call That
Different, Of Course

A Commitment For Better
Smart, Hands-Free Automation

Listening to you, and answering with our software

Account Warmers
Enhance the quality of your accounts

Make your bot made accounts look like human made accounts

One Click Farmer
Farm Your Google Captcha One Clicks

Make your  checkout experience faster by solving captcha's in only one click 

Account Fillers
Fill Your Shipping & Billing Information

Be the first at the checkout step by having an extra 2 seconds saved

Account Resetter
No More Tireless Hours Resetting Your Accounts

You can finally press one button and watch the show, we say no more to wasting time

Social Media Modules
Follow, Like, View, Comment

We have it all, from Instagram Follower, to Tik Tok Post Liker, Oh and let's not forget Twitter

Forwarding Modules
Gmail Or Outlook

Once again, save countless of hours by forwarding all your mails to one mail box

It's not called a Toolbox for no reason, we deliver diversity

We Call That
Wisely Evolving Possibilities

Let's Talk About The Future
We Invest In The Fullness Of Time

We go fast, we have already started working on Raffle Modules 

One more thing...

We plan to add a full on Nike SNKRS modules to Swish Tools For 2022

We Call That
The Digital Revolution

Swish Tools

$29.99 / month

Account Generators
• Google / Gmail
• Nike / SNKRS
• Outlook / Microsoft
• PlayStation / Sony
• Best Buy
• Amazon
• Footlocker + Point Farming
• Target
• Walmart
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Tik Tok
• Game Stop
• Disney
• Funko
• Zalando
• About You

Other Modules
• Profile Converter / Exporter
• Profile Smart Jigger Module
• Instagram Account Follower
• Instagram Post Liker
• Twitter Account Follower
• Twitter Post Liker & Retweeter
• Tik Tok Account Follower
• Tik Tok Post Liker
• Google Gmail Email Forwarding

Upcoming Modules 
• Swish Raffle Modules
• Swish SNKRS Module
• Spoof Browser
• YouTube Post Liker & Subscriber
• Twitter & Instagram DM Checker
• Account Tester Modules
• Instagram & Twitter Commenter
• Amazon Small Item Purchases
• Virtual Credit Card Generators
• & Many Others...

Account Warmer
• Google / Gmail - One Click Farmer
• Nike / SNKRS
• Amazon Prime Trial Sign Up

Account Resetter
• Nike / SNKRS
• Amazon
• Target
• Best Buy
• Walmart

Account Filler & Cleaner
• Nike / SNKRS
• Amazon
• Target
• Best Buy
• Walmart

Other Features
• 24 / 7 Friendly Support
• Easy Catchall & IMAP Setup
• SMS Fees as low as $0.15 for Nike & Other Sites
• Auto Cancel Failed Numbers
• Use Account List As Emails
• Custom Accounts Passwords

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The product you are viewing is a multiplatform software created to to facilitate everyday automation for botters. By purchasing Swish Tools you are accepting the terms and conditions, and you also understand that this software does not guarantee your future purchases from the listed sites, but it does drastically help you save time and resources while doing so.